Put a cork in it.

Put a cork in it.

The visual appeal of the real cork for a bottle of wine is going to be hard to let go.


So far we’ve managed to embrace the pseudo-cork… the molded ones that mimic the real thing  from plastic, cork dust and other synthetics,  but it s the screw cap my cat rejects that I am so inclined to join his snubbary.

The Pros and cons have the screw cap a thumbs up.  This means corks will be on the aarp’s  “remember when” list and you will be  able to occasionally find cork craft project  at thrift stores. And possibly antique stores if you live long enough.

Oh look a basket of corks

What are those mom,,

They’re cork stopper s for bottles of wine.

You mean wine came in a bottle?

Yes dear, everything didn’t originate in a carton.


So Screw caps here we come and cork screws out you go.


When you snap that screw cap…do you really think a stellar wine will be poured from that mouth? I just can’t drop the stigma of a metal cap.  Oh hum. I guess I’ll just stick an old cork cork in my screw top.