Floating on Cork

Since I easily have the tendency from time to time to be a DIY expert on everything, saving your corks for a weekend craft get together is just not my cup of tea…or I should say glass of wine.  I must remark, though, that saving your corks to create your shower mat or bulletin board is quite a sentimental gesture, but is it really worth all the compliments on how nice they work and how charming they look…( I am trying to be nice here)… but recycle your corks instead and have your corks join thousand to create those wonderful cork flooring products that are now available for us in all colors.


Walking on a cushiony cork floor is easy on your shin splints. Anti-microbial, resistant to mold and fire, your can please kiss Mother Earth and remember to check out cork for your flooring option.


You might not be able to walk on water, but cork is my vote for second best.