Corky Crafts

I was a bit snarky on my other post about DIY cork projects.  I am a bit more lenient today, so lets get excited about what to really do with those corks we toss on the counter and study while we take our first sip or two of a great bottle of wine.


My cabinet knobs are getting a bit tarnished…perhaps I should at least grace my liquor cabinet with a Champagne bottle cork for a cabinet knob. A zip from my screw gun with a long sheet rock screw should do it.


When sailing around the world on your private 65 footer, you might what to consult the needle-in-the-cork compass.  Just push in a magnetized needle in one end of a cork and float in a large glass of wine of some of your best.  Whoops…do I trust this enough to let circumstances sink in that I am not going West.


Planting dirt does get pricey and plants love a little root leg room so throw in several corks in the bottom of your planting pot first before you dump in your perfect dirt.


Ok , ok… one more.  A wreath.  There are several ways to lump your old corks around in a circle and top it with a bow and call it a day….but in creating your own cork wreath, you can get creative.  There are metal armatures you can start with, wood circles, or just use wire.  The glue gun is your best friend.


Try a small kitchen wreath and lace in herbs like bay leaves and rosemary to pluck out when you need them.


I created a huge cork wreath for a wine bar once with old wine glasses strewn between the corks, the company’s coasters, some old cork screws and other paraphernalia.  It was a big Wow.  The owner loved it so much he stole it from his business and installed it on his huge stone fireplace mantle at home.


Gee, nice earings, Betty

Thanks Marge, they’re corks!

Probably a bit heavy, though. Don’t you want to

remove the bottles from the corks?

Would you like a sip…Merlot or Chardonnay?