I have always written. As a Fine Artist, Interior Designer, and Teacher, I took spare moments to jot down extra thoughts and ideas and put them to paper for others.


All has resulted in Performance Writings, Poetry, Screen Plays, Radio Monologues, and local newspaper stories that come to the need of what is presented.


My Art World has produced drawings, drafting, cartooning, watercolors, paintings, business art, sculpture, crafts and anything else I forgot to mention.


I am originally from Seattle, and now live in Northern California with my Husband, who has given me the precious time to delve deeper into writing projects that squeak forward at lighting pace. Finally, I am connected to share and I hope what I offer is a delight and an inspiration for a brief moment to help you transcend to whimsical amusement.


I am a good gardener, have an incredible cat, and never have been able to control what I do. It’s all unstoppable passion.