Author, Sally Marbry

Winner of the 2015 San Francisco Book Festival

“Wild Card” Catagory


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“I wrote this wine review from the fascination about the history of wine and the path it takes to be an intriguing personality behind that bottle which makes drinking a glass much more fulfilling.” -Sally Marbry

This book is an entertaining wine tasting tool to glean insight about wine varietals. Written in prose from the viewpoint of someone reflecting about a lover, flirting with a stranger, or the wine talking about itself, every nuance is based on facts about the specific wine to create the descriptions of the character’s personality.

One wine story per page has a corresponding illustration to support the charm of this book.

The perfect gift book to accompany a great bottle of wine.

You can choose any of the 24 wine varietals to read-out-loud to enhance any wine tasting event.

Every home wine library needs a creative take on wine description. Read between the lines to understand the history and characteristics of each wine.